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Blood and Beyond Network update

Blood and Beyond Network update

Blood and Beyond welcomes the Commission’s proposal to revise the Blood, Tissue and Cells directive and shares recommendations to support the legislative process On October 5, the Blood and Beyond initiative published a statement in response to the European Commission’s proposal for the Blood, Tissue and Cells Directive revision published on 14 July. Blood and Beyond welcomes the Commission’s proposal, in particular the focused objectives to facilitate the development of SoHO therapies and blood sector innovation that improves health outcomes; and to strengthen systems to provide safe and adequate allogenic blood, which is vital for patients who have no alternative treatment options. Blood and Beyond shared the following recommendations on the Commission’s proposal:

  • The Regulation should take into account the broader context of the challenges it aims to tackle, including factors that impact allogenic blood demand, as well as measures and opportunities to reduce demand or improve use.
  • The Regulation should be aligned with WHO guidance on Patient Blood Management.
  • The new EU-wide data system in the SoHO sector should include indicators to stratify clinical use of blood and blood products per disease area/indication; and be connected with patient registries and surveillance systems in relevant disease areas.

Other issues covered in the Blood and Beyond recommendations include the new expert groups set up to guide the Commission’s work, and EU funding.
Access the full statement here.

Blood and Beyond publishes a new series of video interviews with experts
In a new series of videos published on October 5, Prof Axel Hofmann (PBM expert), Prof Iwona Hus (Haematologist), Prof Antonis Kattamis (Haemato-oncologist), and Radu Ganescu (Thalassaemia patient advocate) share expert insights on topics related to the impact of blood transfusion on patients and the healthcare system, innovation in the field, Patient Blood Management, patients’ aspirations for the future of their care pathways and other.  They also provide concrete advice for policymakers at the national and EU level – both in the context of the new proposed EU Regulation for the SoHO sector and beyond.

Watch the video interviews here:


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H Ελληνική Εταιρεία Παιδιατρικής Αιματολογίας–Ογκολογίας (ΕΕΠΑΟ), με την ευκαιρία της Παγκόσμιας Ημέρας κατά  του Καρκίνου στο Παιδί και στον Έφηβο, όπως έχει καθιερωθεί η 15η Φεβρουαρίου κάθε έτους, επιθυμεί να μεταφέρει  στην Κοινωνία μας  ένα μήνυμα  αισιοδοξίας αλλά και βεβαιότητας, για το ότι οι περισσότερες μάχες κατά του Καρκίνου της Παιδικής και Εφηβικής Ηλικίας είναι πλέον νικηφόρες.


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